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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Just Keep Breathing, Breathing, Breathing...

I had a little, stupid incident today which will make for a shorter blog.  Typing is very painful because, sometimes when you are doing carpentry, you get injured no matter how many safety precautions you take.  As my uncle said as soon as today's mishap came to be: "This just isn't your week, is it?"
Yesterday, a paint can exploded next to my face and into both of my eyes and today, I shot a nail right into my left-hand pointer finger.

Actually, no.  I did not shoot it into my finger because that would show I am either:
A.)  Careless
B.)  Clumsy
I am neither of these things.  Not at all, actually, but as I said, sometimes when you are working with or around tools, events often happen that are not preventable and beyond your own control.

The nail shot straight into the end of my finger and actually bounced off the bone.

Yes, that nail.  It went all the way into my finger.

See that 18-gauge hole?  Look more closely and you will see the big black/blue patch between there and my first knuckle joint; that is where the nail came to a stop.  

Currently, it is still swelling and still changing colors.  Oh yes, throbbing as well;  it is definitely throbbing.  

Let us take a moment and be pissed?  No.  Unless you are fluent with how a nail gun works, explaining what exactly happened would not make much sense to you, but the fact of the matter is that it did happen and it does happen when you use one.  This is a part of the risk you take and the only thing I am not thrilled about is that I cannot play guitar today and my finger hurts so much typing this that I cannot post a proper blog either.  Guess what I did do, though?  I still managed to use proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation, regardless of my gimpy finger.  

For the sake of entertainment I will post this up as well. I had this conversation with my mom earlier;  that picture she sent me is a shotgun shell.  Yep, I used her car a few times when she was out of town last week and I was house sitting.

I will post something better tomorrow.  My finger hurts.

Grace and Peace,

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