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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Take Me Back Into That Sweet, Sweet Melody...

When I did the blog about the mandolin restoration about a month ago, I promised I would put up some audio of me playing it.  Well, as I had all sorts of things running around in my brain I wanted to write about, that was pushed to the back burner.  Today, I stumbled across a song I wrote/threw together for my friend the very day I put the finishing touches on the mandolin and meant to put on here as well, but became distracted and never came around to doing so.

It features these two:

The Gibson Songwriter was plugged directly into my Mbox for the recording and the Silvertone mandolin was recorded with a Shure Beta 57A microphone.  

The Gibson's parts were done in one-take, very impromptu and the mandolin was done in an open room while I listened to the Gibson's recording on earbuds and played another layer on top of it.  
I will do another, more formal, less sloppy song in the near future and isolate the mandolin's sound along with the microphone so it won't sound as airy and droned.  This will have to do for now, but I did keep my word.  
Thanks for reading and sharing my blog with others, as always!

Grace and Peace,

The lyrics in the title of this blog are from this song:

Katie Sky is an up and coming British singer/songwriter.  Check her out when you have a moment.


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