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Sunday, May 26, 2013

When you see someone grow so much that they surpass you in life and allow you to share in their joy, that is special and uncommon. When you spend years of your own time anticipating someone's future because you know they will do something bigger than themselves, that is a showing of endearment which rarely exists today.

Being prideful of your children is one thing because such comes naturally when they do certain things to make you proud. Having the humility to respect the success of a friend instead of emitting jealousy or bitterness toward them is rare for most, even if we never choose to confess it. Sometimes you catch a small glimpse of that sparkle in their eyes or hear the strength and passion through their voice in the most incredible instance. Sometimes, in that moment, the often inexplicable reason you were drawn to them initially begins to make sense for the very first time.

You never want to let go, so you make a promise to yourself that such cannot, and will not happen. It's rare. It's honest.

Be sure they hear you say:
"I am proud of you. I always will be. Never forget. I will always tell you the truth."  Most importantly of all, be sure to conclude with  "I promise.".

Never hide from anyone.  Especially those of the most importance.

Enjoy Your Sunday.  Grace and Peace,   

The lyrics in the title of this blog are from this song:



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