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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Summer Breeze Makes Me Feel Fine...

 When I was a kid I spent every single summer trying to entertain myself.  Alpharetta, Georgia was a small town when I was a kid, with wooded areas all over, just a few subdivisions, two small grocery stores, and many gravel driveways.  Now it is an extension of Atlanta and has become more and more of a city since the Olympics came here in 1996.  I mentioned all of this to paint a picture that growing up on an old farm and living a few miles from the nearest classmate meant that I spent quite a bit of time by myself.  The thing about where my family lives is that I grew up surrounded by all sorts of machinery most city kids were never exposed to.
Such as:
This is a cider press my uncle and dad have owned jointly since I was a little kid.  

Can you taste it?  

I also spent hours upon hours in the summer playing on this:
1948 FarmAll Super-A
It looked exactly like that and sat in the same barn when I was a kid.  

These are two examples of the vast amount of machinery I was exposed to as a kid and was left to explore just how they work on my own.  When you have acres of land to play on, loads of time to yourself, many mechanical objects, and the imagination of a child, your curiosity runs fairly crazy.  This is where my love of taking things apart and fixing them came about, but when I was a youth I did more taking apart than repairing...

Being exposed to all of this stuff and taking apart everything from radios, electric motors, engines, and anything else that was bolted or screwed together is what has made me take such a practical approach to fixing anything I own today instead of replacing it when it breaks.  I certainly would not pay someone else to fix anything I own.  Case in point?  My iPhone.

I knew nothing, I repeat, nothing about the inner workings of iPhones or taking them apart when I first took the plunge and decided to tear into mine to replace the dock connector a few years ago.  This was not a bolt together situation either, as replacing this piece required some very careful soldering.  I had never soldered anything but wires together before I did this.  Since then, I have replaced the battery twice (most recently yesterday), which requires a complete dis-assembly of the phone.  I can do it with my eyes closed now, so I figured I would show you what my iPhone looks like taken apart...

 I bought a special screwdriver with a slew of interchangeable bits for this very reason the first time I took it apart.

Taking out the first two screws and prying the screen off without breaking the glass is always the most iffy part.  I have not broken it yet though.

After taking off seven ribbon cables and the camera, the motherboard comes out after you take nine screws out of it.  That silver and gold rectangle in the middle is the battery if you didn't know and they are literally just stuck to the back case of the iPhone with tape.  

That is the new battery on the right, still in its sealed bag.  Pry the old one out, peel the paper off the tape on the new battery, and stick it right where the old one was.

Reassemble it all and boot it back up.  Boom.  There is nothing to it.

Oh, then jailbreak it ;)

How much did this cost me?  $5.39, shipped from New York.  How long did the install take?  Ten minutes, maximum.  

Never doubt what you can do and never be afraid to learn something, even if it is as simple as iPhone surgery (for the record, I am not much of a computer person).  If you go into a situation thinking you cannot be successful or doubting yourself in any way, thus will be your result.  Most things are complicated because we make them out that way in our own minds.  
Learning how to fix things keeps your mind working in a good way and saves you all sorts of money over the span of your lifetime.  It also makes you feel pretty accomplished. Now, if you are the type with a temper problem who throws things out of anger, pay someone to fix whatever it is;  for the love of all that is holy, and then tackle your demons...  If you are not entirely wack-a-doodle, why not learn something new and share your knowledge with other people?

Grace and Peace,



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