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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Sometimes we just do not pay attention. Late this afternoon as I was walking around and happened to look up into the trees when the sun was beginning to go down, I started thinking about purpose again.  Every day the sun serves the purpose that was laid out for it and then slips away for a few hours before coming back again.  The world would not function at all if the sun did not do what it was designed to do every single day, knowing it's purpose.  
The roses are only in full bloom here for a few weeks.  I have a few bushes at my house, my mom has a few of a different color at her's.  These are the same plants that have spanned multiple generations within her family at many houses and different parts of the state. These flowers come back every year because they have a job to do and always will.  The great thing about roses is in the way they let you know when their peak moment has arrived by making it a point to say "Look at me!  This is the last you get to see for an entire year, so I am going to make it count!  Are you paying attention?"   I find it funny how nature always seems to serve it's purpose.

You see, all of these small and often unnoticed events happening all around can make us feel pretty stupid.  The truth is everyone has that one pinnacle moment to shine within the most blinding fashion in one way or another.  The problem is that sometimes we allow ourselves to get to that point, while other times we do not.  We often get scared and turn around while dwelling upon the smaller happenings that really do not matter in the end and miss our mark entirely.  Nobody, not a single person, lives without a purpose, yet not everyone fulfills that calling.  Mine arrived early and disappeared just as quickly;  I will never get it back.

We all have to keep in mind that our time is always running short, while also remembering to not be distracted by instances that do not make a difference in the big picture of our lives, nor aid those of the truly important people who surround us.  One of the most difficult mindsets to keep for anyone is how badly we need to escape the expectations of the world and of anything which will not matter for our futures.  We really need to stop, pay attention, and invest in ourselves without distraction before the gifts of opportunity fall away for good.  Do not be like me.  Do not allow life to slip away.  Never stop the chase.  Pick some roses for someone you love.

Hold onto your dreams, cling to your passions, and regardless of what happens, never, ever let go...

Grace and Peace,
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