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Monday, May 6, 2013

Random Tiffany picture for today.

My blog titles all have something in common if you have not taken the time to notice by now:  they are all song lyrics.  For me the writing process generally begins with a randomly sparked thought going through my head at some point during the day.  After this, I type other triggers into my phone as the topic expansions come to me.  The lyrics I want to use as a title come to me after I have finished writing the blog in nearly every case. 
This one is different.  The lyrics stuck out to me before any other thoughts.  And here we begin...

I have touched on this before on my Facebook, but I hope to not repeat myself.  We are influenced negatively far too much by the things that surround us instead of thinking for ourselves.  This holds true for every action we take in life and every reaction we convey to others.  As a man, I understand this because I see terrible examples of my gender roaming around on a daily basis.  

I recently told a friend of mine that I should have been born in a different era for the simple fact of having a respect for women in a way I more often than not see only in those who are from two generations before me.  Fifty years ago, men were taught to honor women in ways that most are simply not shown to practice anymore.  Sure, there are exceptions to every situation and there have always been rude men in the world, but we are losing much more of the chivalry which I find to be simply appropriate behavior at an increasing rate as time continues. 

Do I find women as the inferior or frail gender?  Absolutely not, but that will not stop me from holding a door for a woman, stopping on the side of the road if I see one having car trouble, or allowing them to walk before me in any situation.  This has nothing to do with how good looking she is, her age, what she is wearing, if I know her personally, or anything of the sort.  This has to do with the simple fact that without them, none of us would exist.  Women, all women, deserve to be held in very high regard by every man.  Period.  I say that in complete sincerity and honesty, as with anything I put on this blog.  If you are a man, any woman who has done you no wrong or caused you no harm deserves your respect and deserves you to pay a little more attention to her, and make a little more of an effort in her favor, because women are unique and important to the lives of everyone.  Not just whomever you happen to be dating.  

Am I perfect?  No, and I never will be.  I cannot hold every door or show appreciation in every situation, but I try extremely hard to acknowledge the importance of women in any way I can, as often as possible.  Saying I see disrespectful male teenagers on a regular basis is easy and common to anyone, but the sad fact of the matter is that I see just as many young and middle-aged men ignoring chivalry altogether and calling women derogatory names for no reason than to be hateful.  I will not be that person.  I cannot and I really do not care how common it has become, nor how many women manage to block out such things when they hear them.

It has nothing to do with religion, it has nothing to do with an ulterior motive, it has nothing to do with any sort of  personal accolade or ego.  I want women to know that no matter how thin the line of gender equality is becoming, they still deserve more appreciation and respect than what is expected of us as men.  Why?  Because you are all wonderful in your own way.

Grace and Peace,



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