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Saturday, June 22, 2013

A Blog For My Mother...

This is a pictorial journey for you to behold.
My mother's car had a starting issue and after running a few tests, I figured out the problem and fixed the car for her, saving a $400 labor charge.  I took pictures of the process and put it in terminology she or anyone not fluent in cars would be able to understand.
You are welcome...

This is the engine:

This is the throttle body:

These are the air-vortex-sucky-tubies:
You must remove them to get to the twirly-motor-cranky-thingy I replaced.  You have to take caution when you remove this because that is where tornadoes are made.  If you are not careful in this step, your entire town could be leveled within a matter of minutes...

Whew!  The tornadoes did not escape:

We have arrived at our destination.  
The twirly-motor-cranky-thingy:
This part works alongside the tornadoes in the air-vortex-sucky-tubies to give them more momentum as they travel through your engine.  Have you ever wondered why you have exhaust coming out the back of your car?  Those are the dead tornadoes after they have been all used up.  Sad, huh?

Oh, look, I removed the twirly-motor-cranky-thingy!  It was in that empty hole on the right side, but you must put the new one in quickly because that goes straight to the third realm of hell.  The demons cannot escape, but they will reach out the hole and try to steal your tools.  Again, use caution.

I installed the new twirly-motor-cranky-thingy without having any tools stolen.
I should probably mention what that long, golden rod above it is.  That is your "beating wand".  If you do happen to see a demonic appendage emerge, smacking it with the beating wand will send it right back into the hole.  Luckily, this time I did not have to use it, so I put it back where it goes.

I put the spinny-nut-holders back on the air-vortex-sucky-tubies after installing a new gasket, a few stabilizing mounts, some wire clips, a few harness connections and we are almost done:

The new, shiny black tornado-generation-tube was put on and she was back in business:

  I hope this helped some of you realize how a car's engine works and gave a few warnings of the potential tragedies you could encounter when working on one.  
Have a fantastic day!

Grace and Peace,



  1. You are so Crazy! It was so funny I was crying.

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