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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Here we go:  "Dreeeeew, pictuuuuuuures!  Ehrmagherd, where are the pictures??".  I know, I know.  Regardless of how in shape we are or how intelligent we claim to be, most people are lazy these days and do not like reading anything that lacks the presence of a few photos.  I understand this, and I try, but there is nothing relevant I can put into this blog as far as images are concerned.  Psychology?  I studied it for years and I know how attention spans work, so I will try to make the following to the point and relevant.  Stay with me for a moment?  Please?

There is this pride thing we tend to get very stuck on a little bit too often.  Unfortunately, disagreements are bound to happen in anything we do because such is part of being human.  Sticking with that thought, some people exist who thrive on being difficult to the point of causing a problem for no other reason than to do so.  Take a moment to digest that one and think about how many times you get into a petty altercation each day.  Finished?  Now, if you have realized part of your character thrives on being a pain in neck, you are really going to hate me very shortly.  

Over the span of however long people have been around ("We were monkeys!"  "We were created!" "Aliens birthed us!"  Shut up, that isn't the point I'm making.) we have been equipped to communicate with one another which also created differing opinions.  With the differing opinions also comes a differentiation of what we each believe to be true and correct about anything, yes, anything.  The problem is that we thrive on not being told we are wrong.  Take me for example...I like learning and I like to form my own opinions based upon what I have read or experienced.  As a method of avoiding drama or causing someone's demonic horns to sprout, I try to stay away from talking about subjects I have not spent enough time learning about.  Why?  Nobody likes to be wrong.  

People get in this mode of defensive stupidity (I have more than once) when they are told they are wrong, whether indirectly or through proven fact by someone else.  I went out of my way to approach an older man trying to change a flat tire once and asked if I could help.  He had that corner of the car jacked into the air and said (irritated) "You won't be able to get the lug nuts off.  The tire spins around and you can't get the leverage to unscrew them!"  To which I said "If you let me lower the car back on the ground, the tire will be stationary from the weight of the car so I can break the lugs loose for you."  Then the guy turned red from a cocktail-mixture of embarrassment and rage followed by:  "You don't know what you're talking about and I already called AAA.  They'll know what to do.".  Yes, that happened about a year ago, right in front of my parents' driveway at about nine o'clock in the morning. Awesome.

For me, this all comes down to honesty. I say it all the time, but honesty is a huge factor in who I am and who I surround myself with.  We all make mistakes and we all have opinions that can be proven false by someone else, yet sometimes admitting that fault, no matter how petty, is difficult for us to do.  We seek out arguments and will beat our point to death even if we have been proven incorrect, without a doubt.  I like the idea of humility in the form of being truthful and I do not just mean in the form of an apology.  Sometimes when we get into a little rift with someone else, we really should ask for forgiveness instead of saying how sorry we are.  

Dishonesty is a relationship killer for me in any capacity.  Have you ever had someone lead you into believing something was not true as a way to spare your feelings?  Have you done this to someone yourself?  
"Well, I never said I WASN'T going to do that.  If that's how he/she read into it, that isn't my fault." 
Yet, in your mind and the way you cleverly worded your side of the discussion, you were well aware of what the other person was thinking.  No matter how you look at something like that, leading someone to believe anything that is not true is still a lie.  This is the same way we justify petty arguments to ourselves internally as well.  The problem is, when people say things like that to me and think I believe them, I can generally see through their intent.  When we are battling the idea inside of our own head, things become a bit more difficult to process.  Everyone believes themselves, so telling yourself a lie is very easy to believe and sets up a really horrid circle of confusion internally.

So, what am I trying to say?
We should have some humility and stop being a pain in the ass to people and ourselves...

Grace and Peace,

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