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Friday, June 7, 2013

I'll Give It To You, No Interruption...

I sat there, and sat there, and sat there, just trying to think.  Sometimes we get that whole "writer's block" thing going on in our heads and jumping the hurdle seems impossible.  The sitting thing is in relation to where I was tonight.   A certain place I go when I just need to figure out what I need to write for the day;  if nothing else, it is a form of self-therapy.  Generally, this works for me and my mind starts racing around.  Heck, I took my fair share of notes, look:

I actually came up with some solid stuff and you may say "You don't have writer's block.  Look at all of that."  Yet, when one of the few things that tends to keep you in check is writing - notes, ideas and topics are just that and they hang around until you are ready to do something of substance with them.  An idea can readily spark, but the execution of expanding that thought can mean taking a fairly a rough road.  

Can I be real with you?  We are friends, right?  Regardless of what anyone may think, I do not sit here and pull these things out of my butt (besides that iPhone Obituary I wrote yesterday, but that was obvious). I put at least half a day's worth of thought into everything before I even begin my somewhat formal blog writing on the topic.  Today, I did not get that, and I am fine with it.  I told myself months ago that I would write something of relative substance Monday through Friday at the least, but today the synapses are not exactly firing in that direction.  At least I have my notebook ready for next week, maybe tomorrow, quite possibly Sunday.  Just go with it.  Right, Tiffany?

Grace and Peace,

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