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Sunday, June 16, 2013

I'll Be Dancing On The Ground...

Why?  My mom reads these and I found this picture of her 
on my old motorcycle.  I thought it was funny.

Today, as my weekend comes to a close, I am going to write a short blog.  Usually, my schedule is Monday through Friday, but sometimes, as a part of my natural expression, I just want to write and share whatever is on my mind.  Today I want you to carry something with you.

Take a moment to look around, to really pay attention when you are with those you interact with regularly, even if doing so is not face to face.  Spend some time thinking about these people and what they actually mean to you.  What we often forget is that life is not a guarantee or a promise, as it can leave as quickly as it came upon us in the first place.  Never take for granted the people who stand beside you.  Be sure you show them the respect and honor they deserve, because even though we should not go into a good deed with an expectation, being thankful in such a way shows a deeper sense of caring.

Going into next week, we should all remember that without the unconditional relationships surrounding us, we would not be the same people we currently are.  I really do not think there has been a single man or woman in the world who lived their life without someone trying to instill a positive notion into their mind.  Some made a choice to reject the offer, but if those same people open their eyes just a little, or listen a bit harder, they should be able to find at least one other who will care and back them up in life.  

I have lost too many in my life that I did not take the time to invest enough of my care into.
The years of our lives are not guaranteed, and not naturally within our control.
Guard your heart, but be sure to open it for the right people.
Never forget to tell someone they are special.
Put a purpose in everything you do.
Always stay humble.

Grace and Peace,

The lyrics in the title of this blog came from this song:



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