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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Here's My Number...So Call Me Maybe?

Dearest, iPhone 3GS,
    You were my second iPhone after my original 3G passed its prime.  My mother owned you for a while and then your dock connector blew out.  Remember when I soldered the new one in?
    Yes, all of those little soldering points were done by me so you could live again, and you did!  Four years, one dock connector replacement, three battery replacements. Guess what?  That means I have seen you naked more than once:
    Remember that one time I dropped you and cracked your back case at the bottom, right in the middle?
    That was the only time I ever dropped you.  Unlike most iPhone owners, I take care of you little boogers.  And besides a little sawdust that somehow creeped under your glass, you lived a pretty protected and scratch-free life.  Consider yourself as one of the lucky ones!  But then, today, you did this:
    After running like a champ with no hiccups for over four years, and even working just fine all day today, you heated yourself up a little bit too much and slipped away into the eternal iPhone slumber.
    I plugged you into your favorite cable and you tried to live again, really you did, but you just kept blinking your little apple at me, like you were waving goodbye for the last time.  

    After one final surgery to check you out and make sure I was not missing anything crucial to your survival, I put you back together and made the decision that it was time for me to bring a new iPhone into my life. 
    Do not worry, old iPhone, I hate her.  She is too new and actually fairly ugly.  You had more curves about you, so she cannot wear your old clothes.  I would not dream of doing such a thing anyway.  

    I owe it to you, old iPhone to make this blog post in remembrance of who you are and the time we were able to spend together.  I wanted to take one last picture of you all lit up, even though all you could do was blink your apple at me, so I plugged you back in one final time...

SON OF A &^#$*!!!!!

Grace and Peace,

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