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Sunday, June 2, 2013

*This was originally posted on Friday, May 31st.  I found a typo and corrected it, which unfortunately changed the posting date to Sunday, June 2nd.*

I have a confession.  Last night I said my finger was bothering me too much to type a real blog, but the real issue was that I knew the pain would be much worse today, so I went ahead and typed out the one you are soon to read.  This was a good idea on my part because my finger is in some serious pain at the moment. Here is today's blog that was typed yesterday (well, midnight, whatever).

Some people do not understand the world I come from but if you grew up in church (or a similar, regular gathering), you will be able to relate.  Nine times out of ten the people you know, befriend and socialize with in that environment are playing a role and are not the same people once you take the Sunday smiles off of their face.  Sure, there are some genuine people of practice out there, but as I grew, I realized everything is not what it seemed and this concept began to apply to every situation I found myself in from that point forward.  (Click here to read "The Dopest Dope You Ever Smoked" about me being disowned by the church.)

Being truthful is huge to me as you know if you have spent any time reading my blog in the past.  I really do believe that honesty is the key to living a better life, but most will not practice it as a constant rule.  I can understand acting a bit differently in your work environment because of composure and butt kissing (which I also do not agree with, but I do not see that changing) yet we do this sort of thing in our personal lives as well.  Guess what?  That method is horrible.

I have said it many times that we can meet people we think we know and then it often turns out to be a facade of who they really are or a very forward role they are playing for whatever reason.  Getting behind that is something I cannot do.  Dating is crap for me because I do not want to know just the good things about you, I want to know the REAL you and I really do not think you get that sort of honesty in the practice.  When it comes to friendships, I have had many people walk into my life as a certain person who thinks and acts in a certain way, expresses wonderful qualities, and seems like a joy to be around for years;  only to find out they are not at all who you had set in your mind.  I can name many people who have even married that person after putting years of effort into their relationship. (I have talked about that one in detail before and you can read it here.)

At the end of the day, I hate being fake myself and have made a vow to not do so anymore.  I have nothing to hide either, but so many people do.  Should you invite everyone into every facet of your life?  Of course not, we all have a few pieces of baggage here and there that have no real reason to be brought up, but why do we lie to the people we care about or act like a person we are not.  Acting differently around one person as compared to another makes no sense to me and I do not like people who put up a front.  We should all know our own identities and embrace them fully rather than adapting the role of a character in the play that we have made our life to be.  The thing about plays is that they are usually fiction and put forth for the purpose of entertainment.  As for me, I would rather anyone I care about know who I am.  The real me.  No shame, entirely honest, no different to anyone else.  Had I felt the need to live in a stage production, a pursuit of an acting career would have been in order.

Be you.  Be the same you to everyone.  At the same time, be humble because you are special in your own way and if the world cannot appreciate who you really are to everyone else on the same, level plane, they are not at all worth your time.  

Think it over and evaluate who you spend your time with as well as who you are when standing before others.  Then come in, sit down, and I will buy you a coffee.  We can talk...

Grace and Peace,

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