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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Never Meet A Girl On Craigslist...

My most girly project so far has been refinishing this guitar to pink.
It took about twenty hours and it is the most feminine picture I had to post on today's blog.

Anyone who has been a subscriber, reader of my blog, or knows me in real life (yes, I exist physically) has probably figured out how I feel about chivalry and how women should be treated overall, without condition or expectation.  I explain that here if you are so inclined to read about not only my philosophy of the subject, but how I actually carry out the process.  

If you are of the type who would rather not read my previous blog, here is a bit of a breakdown:
-There are hoards of scummy men out there.
-Chivalry is easy for a man in the dating phase, but most do not practice it daily.
-I know VERY few men who are nice to women without a motive.
-Men should always hold doors for women.
-Men should always let women walk before them.
-Men should always open and close a woman's car door.
-Chivalry is not about being dominant, nor a selfish motive.
-Being chivalrous should be practiced only out of respect.
-All women deserve the highest respect if they have not given you a reason to think otherwise.
-Real men do not play games with the emotions of women.
-Nice guys do finish last, but sometimes it must be accepted.

I brought all of this up again because a really close friend of mine read another blog and realized it aligned with my thoughts.  She sent it to me and I wanted to share his side of things:
*Warning*  This blog is a little more straightforward than mine as far as being blunt about certain things of a sexual nature and throwing around some profanity.  Though it is humorously true of so many.  You have been warned.

Grace and Peace,

The lyrics in the title of this blog came from this song:



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