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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Pollen Is Just Fantastic...

Back to the pollen discussion from two blogs ago, the daily count here in Metro Atlanta has nearly reached the 8,000 mark.  Those with allergies are indoors, in misery, and those who do not have them are out and about getting blanketed with yellow powder.  Luckily, my personal and selective hellish allergies have gone on hiatus and I do not feel the effects anymore as I did initially.  I even made an effort to mow my lawn today!  
Check it out:
It still has not reached the fully green stage yet, but after the storm two nights ago, it should turn nicely in a few days.

If you want to hear some music while you read the rest of this, click this video and listen to the guitar remix I did on the Krewella song "Alive":

The whole pollen situation is not bugging my allergies anymore, (for now) but I did get it all over myself and my nice, freshly-painted mower, as well as in my lungs, hair, clothes, shoes, and I think I ate some of it too.

Yuck.  The sad thing is, I still have the back yard to go.

But on a better note, my flowers have bloomed, thanks to the pollen.  Sometimes you need to endure some crap in order to get an attractive result, right?
Then again, if that is true, maybe I should start wearing make-up...No.

As I said before, we had some crazy storms here with tornado warnings, flash floods, high winds, and the lot of everything else that comes with such weather.  When things like this happen, I generally ignore them and go about what I am doing.  Hiding out in the basement, expecting something to tragic to go down is not at all my forte, so I just leave a television on in the background and carry on.  My mother hates my method of minimal caution because I say things like this:
One day, I will make her crazy.  Mark my words...

Tiffany, on the other hand, would rather not be bothered by anything when she is sleeping:
A burning hatred lurks deep within those squinty-eyes.

This is completely out of order, but I made something the other day, forgot to post it here and wanted to show it off.  We always had boxes of necessary screws scattered around the shop for pocket holes and assembly.  The problem with that is the boxes always filled with falling sawdust, were knocked off the tables, and the boxes tended to fall apart.  We already had a drawer on the assembly table for sandpaper discs, so I wanted to add another one beside it for the screws.

Here is the drawer box I made to match/attach to the one we made a few weeks ago for the sandpaper:
See?  Sometimes I know what I am doing.

Then I moved onto the drawer, dividers, and drawer glide building:
It works like a charm, keeps everything organized, and weighs a solid sixty pounds when fully loaded.  I was really happy with how this turned out, so I wanted to share and gloat a bit.

So, what is for lunch?  Every day, as a part of my not so structured plan of food consumption, I eat three of these bad boys:
You really cannot beat the amount of energy and protein that comes from eating a few eggs everyday.  Making sure you are active enough to burn them off is another thing, because eating eggs daily will not help you at all if you sit around most of the day and you will probably gain some weight. The thing is, if I skip eating my eggs one day now, I really feel the difference in a bad way.  Eating a good supplement bar (Think Thin or Pro-Max) can take the place of them in a pinch, but nothing beats a few fresh eggs to hold you over.  No, I do not eat them raw, they are still cooking in the picture.

Believe it or not, I actually eat a piece of this for an energy boost every now and then:
I know most Americans hate the flavor of  black liqourice, but the Australian variety is becoming more and more common here.  The taste is not like that of the corn syrup-infused Twizzlers we have in every grocery store, but has a unique taste, is made with real herbs, no preservatives, and also has a health benefit or two tacked on.  This is not my favorite candy by any means, but as I said, it gives you a nice boost and is healthier than most other candies you could grab.  I cannot really eat more than one piece at a time because it is a bit strong, given the use of natural herbs.  If you are on a low or no gluten lifestyle, do not buy this, because one of the main ingredients is wheat gluten, which I still think is better than eating  concentrated corn syrup...

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