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Monday, April 15, 2013

A Silent Devotion. I Know You Know What I Mean...


    We live in a world of speed and instant gratification.  Everyone wants to jump on the boat of the most exciting thing they can possibly do instead of being what is commonly perceived as boring or not enthusing enough for our time investment.  Pictures pop up on social media of all the exciting things our friends seem to be doing and seeing this makes us long and lust for an instant sense of adventure.  Doing activities like this is great and I am all for it, but sometimes an extreme adventure is not the answer we are looking for.
    I love adventures and excitement as much as the next guy and if I were of the bragging variety, I would start compiling a list of my experiences for you all to steep over and potentially use to find me more interesting;  but that is not who I am.  You are probably wondering just where I am going with all of this nonsensical rambling, so I will come right out and say it.  If you spend your life only seeking out the more exciting and rambunctious endeavors, you will most likely come out disappointed and possibly miss something more important.  Why would I say something so depressing?  It is not, and I will tell you why.
    We are all busy people living our busy lives and often not making the most of them in nurturing ways.  What I mean by this is that we have sort of stopped paying attention to the events and people that can make us just as fulfilled as a skydiving trip or bungee jump.  Everyday we are greeted with little moments and opportunities to interject happiness into our own lives, the lives of those we love, and the lives of those we have not even met which can all but change the course of the world for the better.  Something as simple as running errands can be made into an amazing adventure if you allow it be so.  
    You have to find your core, those few people who make you feel a certain way about yourself and also allow you to see the world in ways a simple acquaintance just cannot.  We all need those specific people in our lives who give us a sense of happiness and internal joy from them simply being in the same room as us or running a few errands together.  As cheesy as this may sound, happiness reflected between yourself and those you care about in public can be contagious and intoxicating to anyone who sees it showing on your face or within your actions.  
    Have you ever seen two people you do not know spending time together in public and just been able to tell that they have a connection to each other in some special way?  I am not even talking about romance, because the physical side is easy to lust, show, or fake so everyone notices (and usually says "Ew, gross").  The true glow and happiness between yourself and someone else can be an unintentional inspiration to other people.  Having joy in what you do because of who you are with and fully invested in is huge; even if the activity is not something you would normally do or enjoy on your own.  People do notice these attributes from the outside and will often react to them more than you realize.  These more simple processes in life mean as much, if not more than doing something physically thrilling or dangerous.
    There are not nearly enough of us who have a solid investment in the lives of those whom we otherwise consider as important.  The people who make the biggest impact on our lives do not often even realize they are doing so, just as we do not realize what a positive impact our simple glowing presence together can have on total strangers.  Sometimes we need to make one of these noticing strangers laugh.  Sometimes we need to make each other laugh.  Sometimes we need to listen to the other person cry.  Sometimes we need to hold their hand.  Sometimes we need to give an opinion to them.  Sometimes we just need to be in the same room to feel the shared warmth of each other and know that everything is right.  I value these moments, the talks, the life lessons, the love, the smiles, and even the tears more than any amount of thrill-seeking I have ever done.  You find your delicate few, the few that matter, and regardless of what you do together, there is nowhere else you would rather be.  

Grace and Peace,

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