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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Between The Raindrops With You

Currently, it is much too late for me to be awake.  Considering I did work on Saturday and woke up at my normal time because of that, I really should be sleeping now, but I am not.  The actual reason I am still awake is because I enjoy the rain too much.  

When I was growing up, I never really knew what it was like to sleep with the window open in my bedroom.  It just was not something anyone in my family did, or if I am wrong about that I certainly do not ever remember it.  When I moved out of my parents' house, the world of sleeping with an open window lead me to the obsession I have now.  If the temperature is above fifty-degrees and I am home, my bedroom window is open; doing so is as much a habit as turning on the light switch when I walk into the room.  The reason is partly fresh air (I hate recirculated air) but mostly the rain.  One of my favorite things in life is to hear rain falling outside.  Some people are soothed to sleep by the sound of rain or a small storm, but I am the opposite, as the noise keeps me up and gives me a strange sense of comfort;  as if my mind has more room to imagine and breathe.

Snow does not do it for me.  Snow is much too quiet, at least in the south.  Nobody in the southern states tend to venture anywhere or do anything if any amount of snow begins to stick to the ground.  Here is a picture of a car I once owned the last time it snowed here:

I may as well have been in the middle of the Alaskan tundra, because the entire world shuts down when this happen.  Snow here makes no noise when it falls.  It just floats down and sticks.  I tried to sit on my front porch and admire the snow once.  After I could no longer feel my extremities and also realized everything was far too quiet, I went back inside for the day.
I have nothing against snow as a form of being sort of pretty to look at and fun to play in for a certain amount of time, but snow cannot hold a candle to the effect rain has on me.  

Rain has a certain personality I just cannot escape because there are so many intricate aspects to it.  Everything a raindrop hits makes a different noise and when those small drops combine, they become a flowing body you can also hear.  I even enjoy the noise it makes when splashing through the tread on the tires of passing cars when I am laying in my bed.  All of this is very soothing to me and keeps me awake in a good way like nothing else does.  Something so simple and meaningless to most just so happens to be one of my favorite moments in life.  That probably sounds stupid to you.  Falling water should not have so much of an effect on someone, especially when it is causing sleep depravity.  I must be cut from a different material than most.
Look at this picture I took in my front yard the morning after it rained and tell me you cannot nearly smell it:
Or this grass in my back yard, even:

Did this blog entry serve a purpose?  Not really, but it made me happy.  The fact is rain has always been a reoccurring theme in my life for some reason; possibly because I spend so much time appreciating it.  I must often stop myself from mentioning it in every set of song lyrics I write, it shows up in my poems constantly, I make references to it in conversation, I usually get excited when I find out we will have afternoon or overnight rain, and it obviously tends to keep me up at night.  The science or method behind water droplets falling from the clouds does not interest me as much as the personality of it all.  For me, all of this is just another way that nature can speak to us as a means to not only hear what it has to say, but also feel and experience it.  Now, I invite you to carry on and think of me as insane, as  I listen to the last bit of rain move out of Metro Atlanta this morning.  

Grace and Peace,



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