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Thursday, April 4, 2013

    Thinking back to the note I posted Saturday, I made a decision. From now on, anything I write is going up as soon as I do the proverbial editing and grammar once-over (Spell check? Nope. I don't need it. I'm that good.). The opening paragraph of my last post made me realize that sometimes I should not think so much and just let some things become whatever they are destined to be. Whatever notes I have stored away on my computer are going to stay there and anything you see on here means I finished writing it just a few minutes before putting it on-line. Scary as it may be, the more I think, the more I edit, and the more I edit, the more the meaning of the original point becomes altered unfairly. Onto the next one...
    I figured out as a teenager that we all should chase after whatever we feel is important and life-changing; unless it offends someone, because you just cannot do that. I, for one, do not recall a single student protest in my high school life as we all saw on Saved By The Bell (remember the oil-soaked goose?) and assumed was commonplace. In college you can do whatever your little heart desires and express your beliefs as you please, because at that point you're an adult, so if you take a different direction and make wrong person mad you just end up in the back of a cop car. Lovely. Then you get into the full-time working world and you are told to just shut up altogether.
    We live in a weird place, you and I. Around the age where mankind was once given the most freedom in the past, things have become incredibly more soul-crushing and discouraging at a high frequency as a means to get to the top. This makes me think of when my dad told me a story about a horse (stick with me here) owned by someone he knew as a child. There was apparently a bridge that crossed a big river and this horse would walk to the edge of said bridge, only to stop. Kick it, yell at it, give it a slap; the horse would not cross the bridge. However, when the owner would put the blinders over the horse's eyes, it would continue on without an issue and unafraid of walking over the water.
    Within the prior example lies a problem inside of me that I just cannot seem to shake from my conscience. There are places we would rather not go in life, events we want no part of, and people we could do just as well in life not being associated with. Those who we allow to direct our lives can make this direction appear promising by whatever means they wish if it gets to that point. We are offered potential incentives, accolades, money, but at what price to be inherently blinded and lead into the unknown? I would not so much call it a leap of faith, because if you think about the horse, it would be just as content with itself staying on the other side of the river and finding something else to do. Possibly settle on the west river bank and start a horse family with a cute Palomino, who knows?
    My point lies in this: Sometimes we are offered a direction that falls in line directly with who we want to be and where we need to go. With this we are well aware of the journey and see the potential to do great things in any aspect, which is a very rare opportunity to behold. Other times we are blinded under false pretenses, and while we have sure footing, being on the opposite side of the bridge is not exactly what we expected it to be. The question is if it was at all worth taking that step in the first place and with what amount of consideration did we take before starting to walk. Figuring out the difference between letting your own potential pass you by and taking a step in the improper direction is never easy, but we all have a purpose in something bigger than ourselves to consider. Taking a step back to see who surrounds you on either side of the bridge should always be the biggest factor of any life decision. Then again, sometimes the direction that makes the most sense to the world may not be the same direction that makes your heart beat a little faster or keeps that smile on your face just a bit longer. Sometimes the best things in life are around you already and you just have not noticed.

Grace and Peace,


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