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Thursday, April 4, 2013

I'll Follow You Into The Dark...

    I wonder occasionally if there has even been a person, an entire mortal being, who has accomplished every little thing they intended to in life. We have the people who chase materials, the others who take their own unique road of destiny to follow their heart, and others still who find an area of comfort in life and just stay right where they are. Getting caught up in any lifestyle is easy, but being devoted to your chosen path is the area where things get tricky.
    Talking is easy, letting yourself believe your own fruitless banter is even easier if you say the same thing over many times. The horrible reality is that we all tend to begin sentences by saying: “One day I am going to...” or “One day I will...” and with that believe something huge will happen just by rambling on about it. Then the days go by and become weeks, weeks into months, and months into years. We all live to procrastinate in some way or another and make excuses on why we are not using ourselves to the full potential we have been given. Our minds are a blessing to each of us, and I use the word “blessing” in either a religious or secular way, depending on who you are. The trick to not falling into the trickery (see what I did there?) is to always stay devoted to who you want to be and be sure to surround yourself with encouraging people who are worth your time.
    The most level-headed people I know are all surrounded by some of the most supportive individuals who share a very similar mindset. We do not all work well together, but there are like-minded people who can be so well synced with each other that our devotions to life become full-time commitments; the key is to find them. I lived the life of being surrounded by dramatic people and dramatic situations for a few years and lost touch with myself and the far better path I had been on previously. Calling that timeframe a mistake would be easy, but I will instead call it a lesson of what not to get myself into in the future.
    The more we are surrounded by those who we share little common ground with, those who annoy us, or those who put us down, the more our devotion to ourselves and our own necessary interests tend to break down. Along with our breakdowns come those pesky excuses of “One day...” (they're everywhere). If you really want to get to the place you need to be as a person, your happiness in life should always be visible in your own mind. The more you think about who you want to be, where you want to be, and who you would want to be remembered as, the more you will believe in yourself. My circle of friends and family is the best I could ever ask for (I know I say that continually). But in order to get this place, I have had to break a few relationships that were harmful to me overall but still painful to let go of. Finally realizing this and acting on it made the paint on the picture of my life become much more vivid in the long run.

We have these bridges to cross in life - sometimes I want to jump, so that maybe I will know what it feels like to land at the bottom; because regardless of what happens, someone will always be there to help me back to shore.

Grace and Peace,


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