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Sunday, July 28, 2013

We Are Only Afraid Of Ourselves...

My dog has it so easy and doesn't even know...

I have recently been somewhat conflicted with the contrast of basic human decency, personal support, and personal beliefs. As within a religion or anything else really, we all have a dependency on something in this world; yes, everyone does.  Unfortunately, our crutch is often times plagued with nonsense.  Some people get entirely consumed by their job and and that is where their faith lies.  Others become dependent upon chemicals or food and idolize them with the majority of their time, becoming entirely addicted. Far too many people embrace being cocky or self-important, and live out decades of time in such a whirlwind of hatred towards others.  We all have something in our lives to which we devote the overall attitude of our psyche, and we all have the ability to control this, though most do not.  Are you in control of yours?

     You really would not believe the amount of flack I catch from people; mostly those of my own gender.  As males in the world, we are "supposed" to act like jerks on occasion because women are attracted to that? Right. We are taught not to express our feelings or inspiration to others because that makes your sexuality come into question? Uh huh.  We are also expected to hang out with "the guys" regularly to watch sports and talk inappropriately about about women? Um, sure.  The problem is, none of the previous examples fit who I am.  I fear those who embrace the "normal" stereotype spend their entire life running in an infinite loop. Life->Normality->Death...Sign me up! Nope. I'm sure there is a similar order of operations for women as well, but despite what some Neanderthals I am acquainted with seem to think, I am not one; so I would not know where to begin, but feel free to interchange examples on your own.

     Why are we afraid to do things that do not fit into our own culture or mythic gender roles?  Because that would mean we were being our own person for once, and we just cannot have that! Hey, if I want to tell a woman they are special or beautiful for no reason other than being respectful and honest, I will, and not be uncomfortable or have an expectation while doing so. If I want to dance in public (which doesn't really happen), get ready to see me bust a move. If I decide my new hobby should be crochet, hand me some yarn and I will not think twice about how it looks to other people or what that leads them to assume about me.  How does all of this tie into religion, angry people, and Millennial life?
Allow me to tell you.

     You are exactly what you surround yourself with. Simple. Me? I was brought up in a Christian environment, so certain morals hang with me, even though my outlook has changed in a big way as I have aged; adding in my great family influence, and the delicate few friends I have in my support will show you where my positive life progression comes from.  That is a big part of the reason I have decided that being myself is more important than being like everyone else or catering my life to a demographic of limitation. The whole "It's a guy thing" excuse or expectation is not in my phrase book any longer.  Normal is simply too boring.  Fitting into a gender or age stereotype is too stupid.

     Everyone has their own influences that mold their character and shape their life.  My faith, family, friends, and individuality mold me.  I know some people who have the same positive view I do, but may not claim a religion, do not have a close family, have more acquaintances than friends, or any other variable; but every situation is unique.  Your individuality and where you pull your strength from is the fuel for life's positive aspects.  Think about what good things you can dwell on to exemplify your outlook on life and once you find that place, be ready for a great sensation that will make others envious.

     You know how you sometimes run across that eternally angry or negative person?  That individual who never smiles and also takes pleasure in the pain of others? Yes, he or she is a prime example of those who fit the "normal" expectation.  A person who is too focused on being like everyone else to have their own identity.  The deeper you get into that whirlwind of monotony, mediocrity, and public expectation, the more difficult it becomes to escape.  Instead of just ritually saying you have great support and positive influences pushing you in life, try actually living it for once.  What a concept... If not, I will just have to slap the happiness right across your face before wishing you luck in your misery and mediocrity.  Anyone can be normal, but it takes much work to be exceptional and takes a far greater effort to be an individual.  Take that to heart.

Grace and Peace,

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