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Saturday, July 27, 2013

*This blog was originally posted as a Facebook Note on December 23rd, 2012* 

    Sometimes we try much too hard. We push for things that we really should not, usually for the sake of enjoyment or personal gain. The state we often live in is like that of a cat during play. If you have ever seen those toys where a felt mouse is attached to a string hanging off of a stick, you know what I am talking about. Once the cat gets a glimpse of that felt mouse, he is transfixed and will try everything within his power and thought process to catch the mouse; never succeeding, but never giving up.
     We, as people, often live by the same standard as the cat. Pushing for things we view as unobtainable is a fairly common trait in humanity. The reasons why we reach a little too far beyond our limitations make no sense to me, but I am as guilty as anyone else of allowing it to consume me. Irony; it's a pain sometimes.
     We live in a world where we are told everything is possible, but that bubble is easily burst by not being realistic about whatever you are reaching for. If you have the next great idea for a business venture, but stay stoned the majority of your waking hours, I do not see that plan surfacing anytime soon, and therefore it is out of reach. If you have aspirations to be a world-class musician, but decide not to practice, you are pushing your aspirations that much farther away, making them entirely impossible;  or possibly fluffed-up by friends or family to believe you have more talent than you do.
     Sometimes the unobtainable is such because of ourselves and the lack of personal motivation, or even our lack of caring in general. Still, other times we reach for these natural, ever-distant spoils entirely determined, yet the way of the world will simply not allow us to close our grip on victory.
     So, in the big picture, why do we chase the ideas, plans, possessions, and connections which are to never be conquered or obtained? Maybe the more we push ourselves beyond our own expectations, the more we are able to establish reasonable goals in our lives and successfully accomplish them. Maybe in doing so, others will pay attention to us and be inspired or motivated by our actions and determination. Quite possibly, somebody could pile all of this into a rambling of confusing terms and awkward word-flow, only to then post it on the internet somewhere (sounds familiar).
     Listen up. I am only going to say this once, so make it count and take it to heart. Sometimes, on a very rare and entirely special occasion, the cat gets an ever so delicate grip on the felt mouse. With the most strength, determination, and hope he has ever put forth in his life, he will manage to use that minuscule grip to break the unsuspecting string and watch the felt mouse fall to the floor. The cat will then stare at it in amazement and complete shock; the felt mouse was never supposed to come off of the string. Why did that happen?...Because, sometimes, just maybe, you really can achieve the impossible...

Grace and Peace,

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