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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

A Box I Found In A Barn...

In February of 2006, I was driving down a road near my parents' house, where I lived at the time, on my way to church.  A guy on his cell phone, in a minivan, was coming the opposite direction and made a left-hand turn in front of me while tailing another car onto a side-street.  I hit his vehicle at about forty-five miles per hour, totaling both my Camaro and his new minivan.  He was charged with causing the accident and I later found out that the minivan I ran into was a rental he was driving due to causing another accident the week before.  His insurance dropped him.
This is what my car looked like:

A few days after the accident, my mom and I went to the collision center my car was towed to because it had been declared a total loss.  I spent about an hour cleaning out all of my stuff, which I then put into a Rubbermaid box and forgot about.  This box sat in my parents' barn from that day until I randomly ran across it earlier today.  I am going to show you what I found inside.
-Take note, I was twenty years old at the time.
-This box was in a dusty barn, so my hands get progressively dirty as the pictures go.

Here is the dirty box:
 Oh, the crap to behold...
 Braided hose?
 Nope, the hose to my little, brass eBay hookah.
(I put tobacco in it maybe three times, nothing else.)
 At that time, my friend Rachel was the PR Rep for O.A.R.
She would always send me tons of stickers, concert tickets, and other stuff randomly.
 The hang-tag from when I bought my Gibson Songwriter Deluxe:
 Unopened All-American Rejects DVD from American Eagle:
 The license plate from my Camaro:
 Full set of hex-sockets, still in the packaging:
 The end caps to the subwoofer amp I still use:
 Vintage guitar strings:
 Old cell phone because I had just bought a V3 Rzr a few days before the accident:
 More vintage guitar strings:
 Ugh...It was a phase...
 Because you sometimes need to yo-yo in traffic?
 Another useful tool I could have been putting to work:
 The biggest guitar picks ever:
 I went.  It was fun.  But never again...
 More vintage guitar strings:
 Creatine tablets.  $5 to the person who eats one...
 Yes...I bought that...
 Oh, look!  More O.A.R. stuff!
 SLR McLaren.  My friend has a matching one in black.
One day.  One day...
 The shift knob from my Jeep Wrangler.
I sold the Wrangler to buy the Camaro, so I have no idea why it was in there.
 99X Freeloader Card!
99X was the best station in Atlanta when I was a teenager.
It has changed hands/stations a few times and I am not even sure if it is still on the air.
Vintage guitar capo: 
 My "Class of 2004" tassel that hung on my rear-view mirror:
 The Bill of Sale from when I bought my Camaro:

May you rest in parts and pieces, pretty car:
Grace and Peace,

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