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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

DrewCoustic's Little iPhone Life Journey...

Today, I am going to post a few snippets about me via some random pictures I pulled off my iPhone.  I hope you enjoy.

I hate driving in the rain.  Not because my driving makes me nervous, but because nobody else seems to know how to drive in it:
I also hate being wet, but this is my favorite time to go for a run:
This tastes like Pine Sol and chemicals to me now, but did not when I was younger:
I fully support pink tools, because if changing the color or style of a product makes it more likely for anyone to be self-sufficient and proactive, more power to you:
I still cannot wrap my brain around people claiming this product is healthy: (Healthier than what? Spam?)
There is a clear distinction between dirt-dirty and germ-dirty.  Dirt-dirty is just fine with me for a few hours at a time.  Germ-dirty?  That makes me a little uncomfortable:
Speaking of dirty things, I am a car guy who actually works on my own cars and understands the form and function of every part under the hood.  I can also tell you what any car-related fluid generally tastes like because of this fact.  Some taste worse than others and probably cause cancer...
Speaking of vehicles, I want to kick myself on a regular basis for selling this one a while ago:
One word:  Bazinga!
I made gallons on muscadine wine with my uncle last year, but have not tasted it fully-developed because I stopped drinking alcohol completely.  I am told it tastes awesome now.
Putting a Honeycrisp apple in the refrigerator for a few hours makes it taste like you are eating the best candy on earth.  I endure the pain of my severely sensitive teeth just for this little luxury of life:
My music passion is as high as it has ever been, but I rarely perform unless asked.  The last time I did so was a little over a year ago.  If anything ever happened to my Gibson Songwriter, I would be hysterical.
I spent twenty hours painting this guitar pink when my friend asked about doing so;  just because I truly care about the people who hold significance in my life:

My dad and I build things out of wood to make a living and I love it:
My mom and I do projects together sometimes too:
I have the best sister in the world:
And I have Tiffany:

I am thankful every single day for the life I live and am well aware that sometimes reality can make it a bit more difficult.  Looking for the better aspects while not being afraid to accept anything less than pleasant keeps us all in touch with ourselves and each other.  
We should be happy, yet aware that the world is not perfect and be prepared to accept whatever skewed instances may arise.

Grace and Peace,



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