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Saturday, July 6, 2013

At Least I Look Good In Pictures...

I have been around a few blocks in my life and one thing I have discovered as a constant across the board is the hard-proven fact that people have a hard time being told they are wrong.  Running across a person like this is no difficult task, because as someone who has dealt with the public in the roles of a retail associate, restaurant server, country club department manager, and now a builder of sorts, I know these individuals are everywhere.  

Certain people exist in their own world for the sole purpose of being difficult to the majority of their surroundings and I cannot understand the reasoning behind acting in such a way.  This is not a fact, so much as one of those little nuggets of reality readily available to be experienced.  My big question pertaining to this whole system is whether or not the person has any idea of how negatively they come across to others or if anyone has made an effort to tell them so. 

I met a client a while ago with my dad who seemed to fit this description so well that I picked up on it immediately.  After parting ways with him, I said to my dad:  "You know how in every group of couples there is always one person who everyone loves, but then they all cringe when that person's spouse walks into the room?  He's that guy."  then he laughed and agreed with me.  This is the type of person who lives to be a significant pain to everyone else they meet and most of this stems from them being unable to admit they are wrong from what I can grasp.

That person in business who creates issues where the process should be cut and dry.
The person who cannot go to a restaurant without complaining.
The person who makes unwarranted demands of people who work in retail environments.
The person with an ego so large you can almost smell it.

I have spent most of my working life surrounded by far too many people who fit this mold.  Those who are unwilling to compromise in any way, much less apologize to anyone for anything because they are "never" wrong.  Very shortly after I had started working in golf as cart staff, the owner of the club walked out and told me I was doing a horrible job because the sand bottles on the golf carts were not up to the "full line".  Certain factors, the main one being gravity would tell anyone that sand settles over time, so that centimeter below the "full line" was dead-even with it about an hour before.  That day I was nearly fired because I took the time to properly explain how that worked to him without being sarcastic or mean, but he became defensive and told my manager I was rude and needed to be disciplined.  Awesome.

I am sure we have all been in situations as I have described where people are difficult and unapologetic for no real reason at all.  Something seems to have happened to our humility as people over the past decade or so because I am finding more and more entitled people on a constant basis, seemingly everywhere I go.  I do not use the word "hate" very often, but having a personality following those characteristics definitely correlates to that word with me.  Also, I have unfortunately been that person before and refuse to go back to those brief instances.

I am sure we can all work on our humility a bit here and there, because none of us are perfect.  As far as I am concerned, I try very hard now to admit fault where I should and not make excuses or attempt to prove the validity of an action I committed improperly.  Making an apology is something I have learned to never take lightly and I always want to say exactly what I mean.  Having a guilty heart is a fault of mine and I cannot escape that, though I have tried to do so many times.  There is a natural caring personality  inside of me that has been growing exponentially over the past few years though you may not see it at times. 
That is why seeing someone who basks in creating problems non-apologetically bothers me so much.
Seeing people hurt who have done nothing to deserve such really tears at me.
We have to do better for the success of the next generation.

Grace and Peace,

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