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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

3055 And Purpose...

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Sometimes we do not take the time to understand purpose - that which we have within our own lives and that of those who surround us.  I lived in a fairly out of touch place for far too many years of my life where I was liable for believing what other people told me instead of figuring out the world on my own.  During all of this I would not venture to say I was enabled by anyone, but had lost sight of the perfect view given to me without asking, and in that became a follower of others as opposed to a leader of my own life.

 I see people much like the person I was before in enough regularity to be able to solemnly say in my head "I get it, and something is wrong, but I cannot help you."  During the same instances, I also see those who spend far too much time telling lies to themselves about their so-called progress in life and the direction in which they are heading themselves.  Just as I say I never allowed myself to be enabled, there are those who do allow it to happen.  Telling yourself a lie about your priorities and whatever moves you are making becomes more and more believable in your own mind with enough repetition.  These are unfortunate circumstances in our motivation and personal worth because we do not take enough time, nor care quite enough to step outside of our mindset and evaluate the only person we can control in our own lives - ourselves. 

I lived the lie for years and told myself things that were not true about the direction I was heading and also my own expectations.  There were moments when I was convinced going anywhere farther in life was not possible for me and happiness was nothing I was worthy of deserving.  Nothing I had done up to that moment constituted greatness and those smaller instances I held as significant became further from my reach with each passing day.  Taking the potential given to me in order to do something great was a push I had lost, yet I was convinced I still had in my possession.  

Until I woke up.
Until I made a change.

We cannot change for anyone and we cannot make anyone change for us.  Life is not long enough for us to slack in motivation or only be motivated by the draw of someone else.  Years upon years I was told that doing for myself was selfish - that pushing people to change for the better was my purpose.
Who am I to force my opinion on someone else?  
Who am I to change my own opinion for someone else?
Instead of changing ourselves for the sake of other people or entities in our lives, we have to regroup and get into the mindset of changing for ourselves and nobody else.  If we change for someone else, whether for chemical, relational, or cognitive reasons, the ensuing failure is eminent or the lie we live is solidified as permanent.

I have no desire to be stuck anymore.

If we are exactly who we need to be and have no reason to change, we can only push to grow bigger and force ourselves to waste no time in achieving personal greatness.  Those we care about and those who care about us will never leave our side or pass judgment; for any reason. Reaching for the passions and goals we honestly love means there is never a moment of saying we do not have time or energy to push for them.

Commitment.  Should.  Always.  Win.

Those who matter to us will find their way to us.
Anyone we need in our lives, we can also find - without expectation, rules, or pretenses.
The people who matter to each other will always find each other.    

Just because you think for yourself does not mean you are selfish.
You can only grow within your own skin.
Be yourself.
Share your true self with others.
Be fulfilled - always.

Grace and Peace,

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