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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Life solidarity and focus.  
We are losing the battle.
All of us.
Don't worry - we figured out how to make "light" vodka that tastes like candy.
I had no intention of writing about this today and actually have about three solid pages of hand-written notes from this weekend I planned to use.  Later.  This is right on the tip of my tongue and I will do it in one-take-one-edit;  let the chips fall.  

Continually, I find myself getting nervous about some of the steps we are taking in life for the sake of originality.  Realistically, I believe we are running out of ideas or allowing ourselves to get sucked into the world of being mediocre while our potential seems to be waning or getting stuck. What do I mean?  I see nothing different happening in our generation outside of technology.  Hey, we are the connected generation, we invented new mediums and facets of technology, which is great, but not what I am talking about at all.

Many people assume I live on the internet, but I do not, nor am I all that interested in technology, so what are people like me to do?  I constantly talk about going back to what I consider the more independent moments in time from a few generations ago because it seems to me that people tried a little bit harder then.  What?  Invention is the best method of creativity and originality.  In order to set ourselves apart from those who existed before us, we have to separate ourselves from being like those we admire in a few ways.

Counterfeit beings we are, so, so many of us.  Instead of reaching out to do things independently or cutting our own path, many of us are following the more generic direction through life when we have much more potential.  A few weeks ago, on my Facebook, I put up a status when I was watching some YouTube videos:  "If you think you are doing something different or original, check YouTube first."  My statement holds true because sometimes you may be following a trend and not even know it.  Did you know that fairly often when a record label is going to release a new single, they pay independent artists with large followings on YouTube to cover that song as a method to create even more buzz?  Some bands make a very comfortable living doing that.  Scary.

We are becoming too much like things that already exist or settling for lifestyles which hold no meaning.  Sure, this has been happening somewhat since the beginning of time: "grew up a farmer's kid, will be a farmer", "grew up a banker's kid, will be a banker" so forth an so-on.
My question is this:  Where are the current Elvis Presleys?  Where are the current Preston Tuckers?  Where is our Richard Branson?

Where is anyone outside of technological influence with Millennials, and when did that become okay?

Not only are we missing people who bring about multiple branches and methods of influence into one creative and logical purpose, but we also are not paying attention to those who are actually trying to do so as a whole.  Instead of focusing on what our generation can offer the world from a skilled standpoint, we spend time playing video games, arguing on the internet, copying sounds of other music artists to call them our own, taking other's ideas from Pinterest to call our own, and worshiping "reality" television shows, all the while missing some of our greatest potential to create something entirely ours that has never been done.

Instead of listening to some of the most brilliant and inspiring people of our generation, we tend to shove them aside for the Kardashians and rappers talking about money and cars.
Creative does not mean talented, nor does it mean anyone is influenced accordingly, but there are a few out there who dare to cut their own road and could lead us all to greatness and a sense of pride, but we are too busy following trends on the E! network and playing Candy Crush to pay attention anymore.
We are losing our individuality.
Or are we just lost as a whole?

Grace and Peace,

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