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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Guess What? The World Is A Terrible Place...

I hope you all have the understanding of my European friend here...

Today I want to go a bit deeper into purpose, once again, but also address some of the negativity I receive for my outlook.  Apparently some who read this blog are taking my ideas in a direction that is entirely wrong and not at all in the spirit of what I try to convey.  My goal is to tell people about the concepts and life directions I believe in, while keeping a firm hold of what is real and what is perpetuated within our own minds.  The young Swiss lady who emailed me above?  She understands.

Constantly, we hear ideas along the lines of:  
"The world is a beautiful place, and everything is beautiful." 
No.  Just, no.  Let me work the reality of that statement back to planet earth for just a moment, if you will allow me to do so.  
"The earth has many beautiful objects and events residing within it, but the earth as a whole is a horrible, frightening, and unforgiving place."  
There, I fixed it - you are very welcome.  I really do not feel as if I am helping my case, but stick with me for at least another paragraph.

I still get emails from people who do not understand the message I am attempting to tell the world, which also seem to be increasing in frequency.  People send me messages saying how I must be a "right-winger" (I'm not), how I am a "religion pusher" (have you even read my blog?), or even a "disconnected hippie" (that one is just laughable), as well as a whole slew of other descriptors serving to make my late-night email reading much more entertaining.  Do I send them back nasty thoughts?  No way, but I do respond without being defensive because I am honestly thankful for anyone who reads my blogs and they are welcome to adopt any opinions they wish about me.  
Just like the above Tweet Hoodie Allen sent out when he released his newest EP a few weeks ago, I am thankful and humble for everyone who reads, but not at all disconnected from reality.  This is not something I do for money because I have another job I focus on for that.  This is something I believe in and love - not something I do to make a living. 

Stepping back into the whole idea of being disconnected, I will tell you the reality of my situation; the way I see the whole idea coming to surface.  There are those people we either know or have seen who make remarks, post comments online, or will not shut up about how wonderful of a place the world is.  Within certain, defined situations, yes, the world can be a very wonderful place - such as the moment when pieces to your puzzle of life seem to be fitting together for you.  However, with every high in life there is also a low point and with every triumph either precedes or proceeds a struggle.  Why?  We were guaranteed nothing in life; not even life itself.  From the moment we were brought into the earth, that gift could have been instantly removed from us before taking our first breath (and unfortunately sometimes is).   While speaking of instances such as this, why then do so many of us lump the more triumphant events in life together so readily with the world being a wonderful place?

The world is dangerous by design, because if none of us needed to push ourselves through life or look out for each other, we would all be extremely bored and wandering around naked (no, really, think about that).  Had the world been such a wonderful place by design, I would not own firearms for the sake of personal protection, divorce would not exist, people would not have chemical dependencies, nobody would die - ever. 

We cannot achieve a perfect world because perfection does not currently exist.  The best thing we can all do for ourselves is attempt to make good on our own actions and not play into the destructive life-games for ourselves.   
The end. 

There are VERY few people in the world I will call "beautiful", so if I do, it counts.
The world is frightening, but handle yourself appropriately by not adding to the destructiveness.

  Trust me, I am the last person you should refer to as "disconnected".

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