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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Say That Again? I Couldn't Hear You Over My Ego...

We have enough negatives in the world, right?
I guess I see certain downfalls in myself that everyone else can also see and depending on whatever relationship we are talking about at the time.  I can think of at least three people who do not like me for misconceptions they have in their own head about what they have heard from a third party.  Spending time to debunk their feelings is something I am not at all interested in, but saying this carries no effect upon me would be a lie.  This is just something I deal with and accept.  
Acceptance, what a thought.

People read the things I write and more people talk to me on a regular basis than most would probably assume and are often led to the conclusion that I am one to ignore the negatives and only push the positive aspects of life, but within that notion, I wholly disagree.  

There is not a fine line, but a very thick, long, and broad division between always being positive unrealistically and looking for the better interests within an individual's more daft life situations.  I see people out there who have been coddled their entire life and see a struggle being something as mundane as not making enough money to fuel their kombucha habit, or having to buy non-organic parsnips at a boutique grocery store. These are also the same people who have then mentality of world peace somehow becoming a reality because of their skewed vision of an actual struggle.  

You see, there is a very big difference between seeking out the best of the situations we go through in life to keep ourselves on a motivated path and completely ignoring the problems around us to focus on the unattainable.  Some things look better on paper and some things actually work when made tangible.  One of these factors comes down to our own growth and a reluctance to explore our actual growth potential.

I guess my whole idea is to not be so quick to write off the positive aspects of a negative situation.  Something I learned fairly recently is that most people really do not like to be held on a pedestal because even if doing so does not carry an expectation on the one looking up to them, there is such placed on the person who is standing upon it.  As a person who has been looked up to and been put under significant pressure to have a certain level of composure, I can identify with this and understand how even minor failures have a strong personal impact - but I still placed this burden on other people.  Oops...

What I am saying is that we should not be biased in the way we look at people, me especially for not practicing the same life lessons I push on the world.  Within the same right, we should probably be sure we do not read too far into things and know when people are trying to be encouraging to us by identifying the positives within situations without going completely over the top. 

-Speak, only if asked. 
-Be available.

I need to apply this more in my on life.
I have some work to do.

Grace and Peace,

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