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Sunday, December 1, 2013


Comparisons exist for entrapment
A sense of uniqueness no longer matters
We spend so much time:
The hours, the minutes, and seconds drag on
In this desperate search to find something
That one thing, that one person
Maybe an action, or just some signature
We always fail to look
Spiking judgment on the caring instead
Ignoring the adoration instead
Seeking out others for worse instead
Assuming that life and dependencies
Assuming the people and support
Assuming for the sake of assumption
We will always have the common
The things we expect from those who adore us
We expect them to always exist
Throw to the side the things which matter
Live our lives not paying attention
Unopened eyes miss amazing moments
Neglected opportunities reflect pain
Sometimes we do not see this
Even the brilliant show ignorance
One day, time catches up to us
Some time soon, we could be alone
The comparisons should stop
Time should be allowed to stop
We, as people can stop
To embrace before we throw it all away
Open those blinded eyes...

Grace and Peace,

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