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Friday, November 22, 2013

I Have A Strange Driving History...

When I was a kid, I had an obsession with baseball until about the age of ten.  After years of playing in leagues every Saturday during the season, I lost interest and starting paying attention to cars instead.  All I wanted was to be sixteen years old, with a driver's license because the only thing I wanted to do was drive a car.  However, I have had a bit of a rocky history with being able to drive my cars when considering being pulled over by the police for (often) no reason.
Allow me to share.

From ages sixteen to eighteen, I had both of these cars and did not even get pulled over once:
Sixteen, driving a muscle car and no infractions.  Crazy.

In 2005, I bought this car:
And was pulled over for speeding at 2:00AM.
The ticket was written off after I did a stint of traffic school.
Then some idiot pulled into my lane and killed my pretty Z28 Camaro:

In 2006, I was driving my Firebird Formula with my best friend in the car and was pulled over for speeding again:
This was the only ticket that ever stuck, but it gets better...

In 2007, I was driving this:
-I was pulled over in the parking lot where I worked at 5:00AM.
Because I was...going to work...and it looked suspicious?
-I was also pulled over going to a church event in downtown Atlanta because the cop thought I wasn't wearing a seat belt.  I was wearing a brown polo which matched the color of my seat belt.
No tickets.

I bought and restored this MGB in 2008. 
The same week I bought the car, I was pulled over on my way to the tag office because the previous owner had cancelled the registration, which is exactly what I was headed to do when the cops lit me up.
No Ticket.

Also, in 2008, I started driving this:
In 2008 alone, in this car I was pulled over for:
-Illegal window tint (which the officer tested and came back legal).
A few months later...
-Suspicion of a DUI when a cop saw me drink out of a glass ginger ale bottle.
No tickets.

In 2009, I was riding this:
Pulled over for:
-Weaving.  I was doing a controlled weave, within my own lane to warm up my tires because it was below thirty degrees outside.
No ticket.
A few months later...
-Improper eye protection.  This one was my fault, but the cop wrote the ticket incorrectly as false identification, so the the city wrote it off.

In 2010, in this car AGAIN: 
I was pulled over for:
-Another suspicion of a DUI for drinking water out of a Nalgene bottle (I'm not kidding).
No Ticket.

In 2011, I was pulled over in this:
For a registration issue I didn't know about.  The cop squared it away on the spot.
No ticket.

In 2012, I didn't get pulled over a single time...


This year, 2013, I was pulled over while driving my mother's car for an un-illuminated license plate in May.
 This morning, November 22nd, I was pulled over in this car, again:
For a burned-out tail light.
No tickets.

Let us recap my driving history:
-I have been pulled over a total of thirteen times, but actually received only one ticket.
-I have only been in one collision, and it was not my fault.
-I am the most cautious driver you have ever met, but still get pulled over for suspicion.
-I don't drink at all anymore, but when I did, I did not drive.

I blame nobody for any of this, but just thought I would share.  For a while I was a bit bitter, but now I just brush it all off and laugh at the frequency in which I spend time talking to cops on the side of the road.  This is all normal to me now.
Give life a good laugh and move right along.

Grace and Peace,

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