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Friday, October 4, 2013

A Short And Simple Friday...

The following is not a criticism, nor a judgment, but facts which we have had the unfortunate experience of allowing ourselves to fall into.  Maybe I think a little too much, or maybe my values are skewed in general, but you can take any of this or leave it by the wayside as your own choice and opinion - this is up to you.  

We live in a crazy era of high expectations, but low frequencies of execution.  What I mean by this is the same thing I have been saying for months, which I speak about clearly because I was a part of this backwards progression for far too many years and am still far from perfect.  As not only a generation, but as a people, we have lost a bit of the push, as well as most of the edge those before us spent so much time trying to instill in our minds with values.  

Sure, everyone wants to be smart and educated, but we sell ourselves short and instead of trying to educate ourselves to the point of actual intelligence, we fail.
How so?
-By stringing together supposedly enlightening sentences compounded with large words and seemingly extensive vocabulary while lacking any real meaning behind the prose.
-By making half-hearted attempts of being creative just so we obtain the social approval of others.
-By continually clinging to one side of any story without first doing any research before forming a well-rounded opinion.
-By arguing and pushing issues after being made well aware of how wrong we are.
-By allowing gender bias to have an effect on the way we perceive the same or the opposite sex.
-By claiming devotion to people, passions, or religion, while allowing ourselves to push any of those things to the side for any reason which seems better in the moment.

There are so many people in this generation who say 
"Live while you're young and worry about work when you're older."
What do I say?
Life is a job which requires continual work, unrivaled devotion, and a never-ending pursuit to leave something meaningful behind you while having both feet firmly planted on a solid foundation.

Is life easy?  No way, it was never intended to happen easily.
As I have said before, if you do not have real struggle in your life, ask yourself "why" and find one.
If your struggle is real, do whatever you can to conquer it and move onto the next one.

We all fall at some point - but the only person who can pick you back up is yourself.

Never slip.  Not once.
Always tell people they are beautiful.

Grace and Peace,

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