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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Your Version Of Reality Is Probably Wrong...

So, what are you looking for exactly?
I really hope you have an answer and I really hope that answer doesn't involve emulating the lifestyle of some privileged idiot on Instagram or Twitter.  I'm sure some of those people are as humble as someone who spends every other weekend on vacation can be, but I don't want to be like them and I don't think anyone else should either.  This falls into the same category as a full-time leader of a non-profit organization who wears $300 jeans and drives a brand new BMW - I can't take them seriously.  Hey, I'm probably jaded because I don't watch TV anymore or care about what any slew of famous socialites have going on, but does that make me any less of a Millennial?
Dear god, I hope so...

What I really want to talk about is following your heart, as it seems so many of these famous or famously successful people have done to get where they are in life.  With so many available media outlets in our faces at all times, we are pretty much shown that following our hearts and ambitions will eventually lead to financial stability, lifetime comfort, and weekends spent abroad.  The truth is that most of us will not achieve this status or have over a million Instagram followers because of our TV show which we star in about nothing...

A few different adults lied to me in high school and said if I followed my heart, I would have success and live an easy life at some point as long as I always tried.  This, of course, came from people who weren't passionate about their career choices and complained about everything that inconvenienced them.  Being an impressionable teenager, you don't really think about that much detail, but adults are supposed to be trusted.  These are also the same people who taught me that life gets better and all of the shit you go through becomes irrelevant when you meet the right person and get into a committed relationship.  After seeing those same people who gave the "insight" as well as most of my friends who listened to them get into some horribly unrealistic relationships and divorces...um... what the hell?

 Millennials, and even Generation X stopped thinking for themselves at some point.  I'm pointing a finger at a blanket statement because I see it all the time and it either makes me sad or terrified for the next generation.  We have all of these resources which allow us to think for ourselves and be driven enough to follow our hearts and ambitions with a huge arsenal of self-education to back all of that up, but we don't do any of it.  We're too obsessed with fan-girling over people we will never meet and idolizing people we only know through fabricated TV shows or what positive glimpses they allow us to see on social media.  Nobody is actually trying to carve their own path anymore because we all seem to think that:
"If you try hard enough, you will eventually make it."
Most don't make it, but the strong ones fight to the death to give it all they have for the rest of their lives.

If you read my blogs, you know I hate social agendas and expectations anyway, but I think this is a big issue because I had a social agenda at the beginning of my adult life which kept me out of focus.  Now, after realizing what I was missing out on and discovering the value in knowing who I am, I wonder where I would be right now if I hadn't spent so many weekends being braindead and celebrating nothing worth being celebrated.
"The work week is over! Let's celebrate it!"
That shit is happening again in five more days, cupcake.  You can either keep that cycle going forever or try to take steps to change it while you're young.

People have these ideas.  Everyone has these ideas.  Barely anyone acts on them because they are waiting for something.
"I can't do it without money."
Ok, then spend every waking spare moment you have trying to get that money.
"I want to but, I don't know how."
Shut up and learn something.
We always want to do something "one day" and then we take it to the grave because intentions do nothing without action.

Don't do anything because you're "supposed to" or because "it has been long enough" but do things because you want to and keep the distractions away.  I didn't learn this until two years ago and it's always a fight.  Also, it won't be easy - nothing should be easy.

These people who are worshiped for their pseudo-identities through social media and their lavish lifestyles make me wonder how many of their following have brilliant ideas but would rather watch someone else live out their success than trying to find success of their own.  I really don't have much in life as far as material possessions go and I am very proud of that, but I do show things off on social media...

The things I show off are the efforts I make to try to better and grow myself.  I have a car that cost me less than most people's yearly property taxes, and a few nicer guitars, but other than that, not much.  I would rather people see the things I create and draw motivation from them to struggle their ass off just attempting to get somewhere in life.  I have been struggling for years and I don't see that changing anytime soon - as a matter of fact, I try to make it very well known as well.  Working practically everyday and not needing to take a break "because it is the weekend" or "because it's date night" is my normal, my happy place, and my proud struggle.  

You don't hate life when you love what you do.
If you don't love what you do, get your ass out there, work that same ass off, and find happiness within it.

It's not easy because it isn't supposed to be, but if you don't put your time and full commitment into whatever you love, you will never know where you could have gone.

Or be an entitled brat stuck in a routine like every other moron out there.
You're not as different as you would like to believe.
Change that.
Think it over.

Grace and Peace,



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