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Monday, February 10, 2014

False Influence and Shattered Expectations...

I had a conversation the other day, and by "had a conversation" I mean someone disagreed with me about about something I posted on Facebook and it ended up with two of my friends talking about chocolate-covered Skittles.  Because, what is my life but not candy and intellect, right?
Digression...That is a thing.

Over the past few days, my brain has been chugging along and through a series of experience, conversation, and senseless pieces of reading, I have been thinking about what it means to be peaceful as a whole.  

I have no idea how to go about this without offending anyone, so I will instead offend everyone to keep from expressing some stupid idea of neutrality, which is just as silly as expecting world peace.  

This is where everything started in my thought process.

Agree with me or not, and whatever your opinion may be is respected by me, but keep in mind that respected and accepted are two different entities, but world peace cannot happen and it will not happen.  Essentially, you and I as well as every other person who has previously, currently, or will take a breath in the future will never see a peaceful world exist.
"But, you don't know that."
Actually, I do.

World peace cannot happen because humanity as a whole does not care enough for this to happen.  Living in a world of peace and continual agreement does not hold an ounce of possibility because there is no way anyone can make everyone on earth care enough.  Taking this idea even farther down the pipeline, most of the people who preach such a doctrine to the world do just that and nothing else.  Just as I have said before, most people want to look a bit differently on social media or to the mass public than they do in private - this is how we are wired as to crave acceptance.  The very few who do not care about the idea of acceptance by others are the people who take action, the people who make moves, and the people who give to their passions every ounce they can possibly give.
This is probably not you.
This is also not me.

We live in this two-faced world where most of our population acts in a certain way towards some people and situations yet change their demeanor drastically in others.  I find this funny because it seems most people I know who speak so vocally about their own definition of success and how to achieve it tend to be drowning in their own fantasy world of underachievement and use this projection as a coping mechanism for their own faults.  Those who share the most positive actions to the general public seem to be those with the shorter fuses in private because of the weight they have put on themselves to have a separation from negative emotions. I even know some who proclaim the greater things they will do in life and set goals on a whim which they will actually never see through because of eminent distractions they also pick up on a later whim.
Do you see what I mean?

The way I view this whole world peace expectation as something unobtainable holds true.  I claim factual status because for every devoted person there is to whatever cause lays before them, there are at least a million others who either spend their days claiming greatness while not following through or not caring at all in the first place.  The truth of the matter is that nearly nobody cares enough outside of their circle to actually make the adjustments required to move such a mountain.

We cannot make anyone change their opinion, which is one of the most incredible factors of the human form.  Anyone who says they "change" for someone else is making a temporary adjustment because real, personal change only comes through self-discovery and is not based entirely upon another person.  We become the person we are through growth and all we can do as a product of our own growth is influence other people - not force them into something they were never destined to be in the first place.  

Does that make any sense?
At the end of the day, we are all very different people.  The biggest difference we can make in our lives is through our own influence to those within our circle.  What is so great about circles is how they intertwine with each other and the way in which these actions do tend to rub off onto other people.  

World peace, though?
You will never see it, and I will never see it.
But for the rest of your life, just try to be yourself and try to keep growing into something better; for the sake of yourself, as well as those who pay attention to you.  The more we slack in educating ourselves to the world and everything within it, the more stagnant we become as a whole - the more irrelevant we become in progressing ourselves. 

We have enough "slacktivists" preaching on social media as well as to each other about practically everything which has ever existed.  Either act on what you preach with every ounce you have to give or keep your mouth shut.
Silence is always better than false influence and shattered expectations.
Make your own peace.
Make it count.

Grace and Peace,

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